The Orange Door Ovens Murray opens today

From today The Orange Door network is now providing coordinated family violence and child wellbeing support across the Ovens Murray region.  

Support is offered to residents of: 
  • Wangaratta Rural City 
  • Indigo Shire 
  • Benalla Rural City 
  • Mansfield Shire 
  • Alpine Shire 
  • Towong Shire 
  • Wodonga City  

With Coronavirus restrictions in place, help and support is coordinated via phone and email, with face-to-face arrangements made if needed. In addition to locations in Wangaratta and Wodonga, plans are underway for an outposted site in Benalla. 

In Ovens Murray, The Orange Door is a strong partnership between Mungabareena Aboriginal Co-operative, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, Centre Against Violence, Gateway Health and Upper Murray Family Care. 

The Orange Door Ovens Murray can be contacted on 1800 271 157 or via email from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (excluding public holidays). 

Nine areas of The Orange Door network are now open with five more due to open this year. All 17 areas of the state will be operating by the end of 2022.