What is The Orange Door?

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Who is The Orange Door for?

Sometimes things at home or in a relationship are not OK and you need some help and support. 
At The Orange Door, we are here to listen to you and help you to get the support you need quickly and easily. 
If you are in danger right now, call Triple Zero (000). If you are not in immediate danger, but feel unsafe, contact The Orange Door. 
We can help if:  
  • you need help with parenting, or you are worried about the wellbeing or development of a child or young person  
  • someone close to you is making you feel afraid or unsafe such as your partner, ex-partner, family member or carer  
  • you are a child or young person who doesn’t feel safe or cared for  
  • you are at risk of using abusive or controlling behaviour or you need help with these behaviours at home or in a relationship  
  • you are worried about the safety of someone you know  
  • you have experienced family violence, including controlling behaviour like someone monitoring where you go, who you visit or how you spend money. 
We can work with you on your own, or together with your family members depending on your situation.
We welcome everyone at The Orange Door and you don't need a referral. You can seek help or support if you are a migrant or a refugee or do not have permanent residency.
We know that people continue to be affected by family violence long after the violence stops. If you have experienced family violence in the past and would like help now, contact The Orange Door

How can The Orange Door help?

Once you contact us, we will  
  • listen to you and hear what your worries are  
  • work with you to identify the help and support you need  
  • support you with the wellbeing and development of children and young people  
  • help you make a safety plan to keep you and your children safe  
  • connect you to services that can help, such as counselling, accommodation, family violence support, mental health and drug and alcohol services, parenting support groups, services for children, financial help, or legal assistance  
  • support you to access funding for basic living expenses and other costs  
  • connect you with services if you want help to change your violent or controlling behaviour. 

Ways to get support

There are multiple ways to access help and support from The Orange Door, including face-to-face, and via phone or email. Tell us if you have special requirements, for example if you use communication aids or require an interpreter, including Auslan.
Search by suburb or postcode to find a service near you
The Orange Door is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (closed public holidays). Out-of-hours support is available. 

Is The Orange Door safe?

Your safety is the priority at The Orange Door.  
We will listen to you to understand what is making you feel unsafe and work with you to manage any risks.
We also connect people who use violence with the services they need. We will decide with you whether it is best to work with the person using violence:   
  • over the phone   
  • in a different place to you  
  • in the same place as you but at a different time. 
The buildings have safety features like security cameras, duress/‘panic’ alarms and safe exits.  
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