Are you worried about how someone close to you is treating you?

Why contact The Orange Door?

If you are in danger right now, call the police on 000. If it is not an emergency, but you are worried, contact The Orange Door

We can help if:  
  • someone is making you feel afraid or unsafe such as your partner, ex-partner, family member or carer  
  • you have experienced family violence, including controlling behaviour like someone monitoring where you go, who you visit or how you spend money   
It’s important to contact The Orange Door if someone in your life is making you feel uncomfortable by how they treat you. 

People doing this to you could include your partner, family member, carer, parent(s) or child(ren). 

This behaviour can be a form of family violence. Family violence is not just physical and sexual abuse. It can be threatening, intimidating, belittling, or controlling behaviour that makes someone feel scared or unsafe.

Family violence covers a wide range of behaviours and actions, it can be: 
  • physical 
  • sexual
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • cultural
  • spiritual
  • financial
For examples of all of these, visit our What is family violence? page
The Orange Door is not just for people experiencing family violence – it’s there to help people who need support to change their behaviour and stop using violence in their relationships. 

We are here to help families who need support for the wellbeing of children or young people. 

We also seek to improve children and young people’s wellbeing if they’re not getting the care they need from their parent(s) or carer. 

Some people tell you that home life is ‘private’ and ‘bad things’ will happen if you tell anyone. We listen to your concerns and work out how to improve the situation before problems get worse.

Contact The Orange Door if any of this sounds familiar.

How can The Orange Door help?

Workers at The Orange Door are experienced in dealing with children, young people, adults and families.

We will: 
  • listen to you and hear what your worries are 
  • work with you to identify the help and support you need 
  • support you with the wellbeing and development of children and young people 
  • help you make a safety plan to keep you and your children safe 
  • connect you to services that can help, such as counselling, accommodation, family violence support, mental health and drug and alcohol services, parenting support groups, services for children, financial help, or legal assistance 
  • support you to access funding for basic living expenses and other costs 
Services are free and you don’t need a referral.

People who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander can choose to be supported by an Aboriginal worker at The Orange Door or be referred to an Aboriginal service.

All cultural and religious preferences are respected. We work with multicultural communities to meet the diverse needs of families.

We welcome everyone, regardless of migration status. You can seek help or support if you are a migrant or a refugee or do not have permanent residency. 

How can you access services?

There are multiple ways to access help and support from The Orange Door, including face-to-face, and via phone or email. Tell us if you have special requirements, for example if you use communication aids or require an interpreter, including Auslan. You don’t need a referral.

The Orange Door is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (closed public holidays). Out-of-hours support is available.   

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