We welcome feedback about your experience with The Orange Door as it helps us improve how we work. We will listen and learn from your feedback, whether it is a compliment, complaint or suggestion.

If you have a complaint about your experience with The Orange Door we encourage you to talk with your Orange Door worker first, to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If your issue can't be resolved by your Orange Door worker, we encourage you to ask to speak to the Hub Manager.

Feedback can also be provided using the form below. If you request a response, we aim to contact you during business hours within 3 business days to clarify details if needed and provide a timeframe for investigation.

Feedback can be anonymous. However, we may not be able to investigate and respond to your concerns without your identity or contact details.

If you are a client of The Orange Door, you can also provide anonymous feedback by completing a Client Voice Survey. Ask for one from your Orange Door worker.

Let us know if you need an interpreter or assistive technology to submit your feedback. You can also ask someone to submit feedback on your behalf, but we will need to know they have your permission to do so.

Submitting feedback and seeking a resolution can sometimes involve sensitive issues. We will take into account, and be responsive to, any particular needs you may have in providing your feedback. We can also help and support throughout the process. Get in touch to let us know how we can better assist you to submit feedback.

We recognise that your personal and health information should only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which we collect it, or for a related purpose that you would reasonably expect.

The investigation of your feedback may involve sharing your personal or health information with relevant areas within Family Safety Victoria, the Department of Health and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, or a relevant service provider if they manage the matters identified in your complaint, are involved in the complaint or have a role in overseeing or managing the services provided.

We collect and use personal and health information for monitoring, evaluating and improving our functions, and for meeting statutory requirements. Unless necessary for the purpose of the collection, we will remove any identifying details. For more information and to find out how to access your information, you can refer to The Orange Door privacy policy.

You may also wish to take your feedback to one of the following organisations:

  • The Disability Services Commissioner assists people with a disability to resolve complaints. Phone: 1800 677 342
  • The Health Complaints Commissioner resolves complaints about healthcare and the handling of health information in Victoria. Phone: 1300 582 113
  • The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner can assist if your complaint is about a public mental health service in Victoria. Phone: 1800 246 054
  • The Victorian Ombudsman can investigate complaints about State and local government authorities. Metro: 03 9613 6222 and regional: 1800 806 314
  • The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner will investigate complaints about a failure to comply with the Information Privacy Principles. Phone: 1300 006 842
  • The Victims of Crime Commissioner aims to improve services and systems within government departments, victims service providers and the justice system to meet the needs of victims of crime, including reviewing complaints about services provided to victims of crime. Phone: 1800 819 817.

For information about how you can provide feedback about a family violence service that the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing provides and/or funds go to the department's 'Making a complaint' page.

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